Paperwhite Lesson Plan

During my Teacher Education North coursework over a decade ago, we were shown a very good science project for classrooms. I am proud to say that I have been growing Paperwhite bulbs every time I am in a classroom that allows it (half decent contract with half decent light will do…) I wish I could remember which prof recommended this so that I could thank her. Now, it is time to start bulbs_paperwhites again. Teacher friends, here is the year plan that I threw together this year so that colleagues could wrap their heads around it. Enjoy.

Teacher Hack Hot off the Press!

Today, after watching a beautiful young lady wipe her letters off of her white board with her pointer finger, for the 100th time since I told her to use the provided eraser, I came up with a cool solution. I stuck a cloth band-aid on there! It stayed on for the rest of the lesson, and she used it….9 times! Think outside the box, friends!band-aid