Back to school

Welcome to the world of “early in the school year!”


  1. Teach him or her how to tie shoes. Yesterday.
  2. Strengthen up those hands and arms. Teachers are finding that more and more kids have trouble gripping pencils, have poor writing, and have problems with fine motor overall…this is due to computer game overkill. Have your child write at the window or on a chalkboard on the wall.
  3. Teach the child cursive (see above).
  4. Wikipedia is NOT the enemy. Encourage research. Often.
  5. Praise, but be careful not to use false praise. Kids know. Praise should be detailed. Instead of “wow, you are such a little artist,” tell the child what you like about the art. Then display it.
  6. Do not solve everything FOR your child. They need to be independent at school. They need to solve their own problems and think of solutions. This starts at home.
  7. Love these school age years. They will not last forever.

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